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Fire System Testing - Reg 4 Testing & Title 19

  • Fire Alarm Testing per LAFD Regulation 4 and NFPA Testing Requirements

  • Central Station Systems Testing

  • Smoke Management Systems Testing

  • Pressurized Stairwell Test

  • Emergency Power/ Battery System Testing

  • Elevator Control System Testing

  • Fire Escape Service and Testing

  • Fire Pump & Fire Sprinkler Testing

  • Standpipe Testing (Comb/Wet/Dry)

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Emergency Portable Fire Pump Services


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Annual Test (Initial Test):  A full and complete test of the entire system is required within the same month each year.  Also known as the system anniversary test date.


Five Year Test (Initial Test):  A full and complete test of the entire system is required within the same month each year.  Also known as the system anniversary test date.


Re-test: A retest of all the system components shown in the List of Defects from the Initial Test.  Prior to retesting, all items in the list are required to be repaired by a licensed contractor with a valid contractors license under permit from the authority having Jurisdiction for the type of repair (where required).  Repairs and re-tests are required to be completed within 30 days of the date of the Initial Test.  All re-tests are required to be performed by and certified tester who holds the proper testing certification.

Note: Only the items in the List of Defects are required to be test except in extreme cases



  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Supervising Station Alarm Systems

  • Emergency Power Systems

  • Smoke Management Systems

  • Fire Escapes Assemblies

  • Automatic Elevator Emergency Operations

  • Gas Detection Systems

  • Stationary Fire pumps (Full Flow)

  • 2-1/2 Standpipe Hose Valve Pressure Reducing/Regulating Devices (Partial Flow/Exercise & Inspection)


  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems:

    • Pre-Action System (Full Flow)
    • Dry Pipe / Deluge & Pre-Action Systems (Full Flow)
  • Class I Standpipe Systems (Dry)

  • Class I Standpipe Systems * (Wet)

  • Class III / Combination Standpipe Systems (Combination Of Class I And Class II Systems)

  • Combined Standpipe and Sprinkler Systems* (Includes Pressure Reducing Valves (Full Flow)

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